Picket.org is a new independent platform for creating online pickets. You and millions of people can use the technical capabilities of Picket.me to share your thoughts on exciting issues, find maximum participation of all stakeholders and find solutions together.

Picket.org is an open platform where each campaign is started by our users. We are pleased to provide a place for discussion without any censorship, however, like many other leading online platforms, we remove content that violates our Terms of Service, including provisions prohibiting hate propaganda and incitement to violence.

For journalists, civil society institutions - this is a source of information about the trends and attitudes of citizens. For government agencies - a service can be a source of feedback.

In any case, the goals of creating the platform are creation and development. We are oppose any violence.

If you want to suggest a topic for the picket, but do not want to prepare text and design it - do it in telegram chat. Volunteers of the Picket.org project are very likely to pick up and design an interesting topic.